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You have questions about CPAF 2023

We have answers!

Please read these FAQs carefully. If you have any questions not answered here, please let us know. More people might have the same questions and we can add them.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Who do I contact with regard to questions about Calgary Performing Arts Festival?

A.  For a more timely answer to any inquiries or questions, please fill out our contact form and we’ll respond within 48 hours.


Q.  How do I register? It looks like I need to buy a membership first.

A. Yes, if you’ve participated in previous years, this is new! We require a $10 CPAF 2023 Society Membership fee to be paid before you register to participate in the Festival. If you need help with the new process, please click here for a PDF (with screenshots!)


Q. CPAF 2023 is much more expensive than in previous years. Why is that?

A. CPAF has seen significant venue-related fee increases along with added economic pressure. A deep financial review was conducted in the summer of 2022 and the 2023 class performance fees reflect the current economic climate. The resulting costs to performers are directly applied to venues, adjudication, and basic costs specifically associated with their performance. None of these fees go to additional staffing or projects. 


We understand the increase is noticeable and might limit participation. Unfortunately, the fee rates are the only way to guarantee long-term festival operations.

Q.  I have another commitment at the same time as my Festival class, how do I get my time changed?

A. No changes may be made after Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023. A $25 administration fee will be applied to all cancellations. Please check your schedule carefully before you enter the Calgary Performing Arts Festival.


Q.  I’m unable to compete: I injured myself, I am ill, etc. How do I apply for a refund?

A.  That’s a great question.

  • Before Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, a $25 administration fee will be applied to all cancellations. 

  • Between Feb. 1 and April 1, 2023, CPAF will provide refunds for half your registration fee, minus a $25 administration fee. 

  • After the Saturday, Apr. 1 deadline, no refunds will be given.


Q.  How can I pay my entry fees? Do you take e-transfer, Debit or Credit Card?

A. Our registration site accepts major credit cards.  


Q.  What are the eligible age groups? I’ll be 25 by the end of the Festival.

A. All young performing artists 25 and under (by the end of May 2023) are eligible to participate in CPAF. Our age categories are  

9 years of age and under

13 years of age and under 

17 years of age and under 

22 years of age and under 

25 years of age and under


Q. Will accompanists be provided or do I have to supply my own?

A.  You must provide your own accompanist.


Q.  Can my parents/family come to watch me perform?

A.  YES! Friends and family are very welcome to come to watch, cheer you on and maybe sing along…


Q.  I entered the wrong information on my entry form - How do I change it?

A.  Once our open registration period closes, you can't edit your registration. However, if you spot an error or need to make a change, please reach out to


Q.  Will all performances be recorded? 

A.  CPAF reserves the right to record, film, web-stream or broadcast any part of the Festival events. Participating competitors grant CPAF the sole and exclusive right to use these recordings.

2023 CPAF Rules & Regulations

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