Corporate Stars

Corporate Stars

4 Celebrities 

3 Entrepreneurs
1 Chance to Shine

For the last 86 years, The Calgary Performing Arts Festival has featured thousands of amateur performers on its stage.


This year, in an effort to raise funds for numerous performance arts programming in our vibrant arts city...a small group of talented Calgary entrepreneurs have put their 'performing arts' foot forward! These corporate types may shine in the boardroom, but can they take the pressure of performing on stage?

 For the next 30 days, they'll be coached by local performing arts CELEBRITIES including a professional Opera singer (Michelle Minke), Actor (Haysam Kadri), Spoken Word & public speech Expert (Donna Vander Valk), and a Music guru (Irene Besse).
 These community leaders will be coaching and supporting our entrepreneurs on their journeys to perform SOLO on STAGE at the Bella Concert Hall on May 13th, 2018.

These vibrant entrepreneurs shine in the boardroom but can they SHINE ON STAGE


Our celebrities and corporate stars are volunteering their time in support of performing arts programming in our vibrant city of Calgary, SO PLEASE GIVE THEM ALL A GENEROUS HAND and consider supporting them to SHINE.




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