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Calgary Performing Arts Festival: 90 Years of Inspiring Young Artists

Take The Stage.
Let Your Spirit Shine.

The Calgary Performing Arts Festival (CPAF) is a non-profit organization that has been inspiring and supporting talented and aspiring young performance artists for 90 years.


Since 1931, CPAF has been an integral part of Calgary's arts, music & culture community. It is committed to celebrating young aspiring performers of all skill levels. And although it’s held in our beautiful city, our participants have come from across Alberta to Take The Stage and Be Heard.


We pride ourselves on offering invaluable self-development and growth opportunities for our young artists through our unique three-week adjudicated performing arts festival. 


Participants have the opportunity to compete in a variety of musical genres and spoken word.

Take Your Skills to the Next Level.



Create the STAGE  for aspiring
performers to grow.


Enrich our community by cultivating and
celebrating aspiring performers.

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